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Select this option for the oval 3-car paint pack. This option allows you to select any 3 full-bodied cars of your choosing (Cup, Xfinity, Trucks, ARCA, Super Late Model, Legacy).


Want just one scheme at a time, but like the bulk discount? We can create one at a time until all 3 paint credits are used up!


Paints can be shared via Google Drive or private Trading Paints link. Please specify which car, custom number (if desired), logos, spec map details, preferred colors, inspiration photo links, etc. in the details section.


Custom Spec Maps are an additional $10 for all 3 cars *USUALLY $5 PER CAR! SAVE $5*


We will follow up via e-mail following order placement. Paint schemes will be completed within 10 days of all materials received.


Please use our contact form with any questions!



Oval 3-Car Bulk Pack

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