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This is a 3D-printed shift boot adapter presented on VSPEED Garage for a 2011-2013 Honda CR-Z. This collar allows for aftermarket shifters such as the Mishimoto weighted knob to replace the stock part, while keeping the boot in place without drooping. This collar uses a stepped ledge on the shifter post, and creates a channel for a zip-tie to hold the boot to the collar (see photos).


Set of 2, Zip-tie, basic instructions included.

Please message with comments or questions, thanks for looking!


  • Compatible Vehicle List:
    • 2011-2016 CR-Z Base


Installation video: COMING SOON


Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the shift knob by squeezing the silver collar and pulling the knob up:
  2. Remove shift boot trim by using a trim wedge around the plastic part. This simply clips into place, no screws.
  3. Cut/undo zip tie from underside of boot retaining part
  4. Install VSPEED adapter on shift post by sliding through the open gap, aligning stepped edge to step on shift post.
  5. Flip boot inside out and tighten the boot inside a zip tie in the channel on VSPEED adapter
  6. Clip excess zip tie from underside of boot
  7. Reinstall the outer trim back into position
  8. Install your new shift knob!


These parts are produced on demand and may require extended lead times, but will ship within 2 weeks of your order.




Honda CR-Z Base Manual Shift Boot Adapter

$25.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price
Color: Black
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